Department of Public Welfare

Welcome to the Department of Public Welfare, Office of Income Maintenance (OIM) Extranet. This tool provides information to OIM business partners. It is a secure site that requires a user ID and password. If you are a business partner and want to obtain access to this information, complete and submit the OIM Extranet Access Request Form.

If you have any problems accessing information, or wish to provide feedback, you may contact the webmaster by email at

What's New - This page provides a list of new information and updates to the information on the extranet. Items remain on this list for about six months.

OIM Extranet Help - This page contains frequently asked questions related to the site.


OIM Policy Handbooks and Automated System Manuals The policy handbooks include Cash Assistance, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Nursing Care, and a Supplemental Handbook. The Cash, Food Stamps, and Medicaid handbooks are the first handbooks available. As the other handbooks become available, hyperlinks will be established.

These on-line handbooks are intended to provide easy access for business partners and other entities that interact with DPW and assist residents in completing the eligibility determination process. Business partners should use the information obtained from this Web site for informational purposes only. Because only the DPW maintains responsibility for determining eligibility for these benefit programs, you should not attempt to determine eligibility for benefits based on the information contained herein.

The automated system manuals available include Using CIS, and Using IEVS. These manuals are for business partners who have on-line access to our automated systems. While the manuals contain procedures on all transactions in the automated systems, business partners are granted access only to certain, specific transactions. Business partners can ignore the procedures for transactions for which they are not granted access.