108.6 General Policies and Standards Applicable to Good Cause Waivers of TANF Program Requirements

108.61 TANF Program Requirements that May Be Waived

Certain TANF program requirements may be waived if a requirement cannot safely be met due to past, present or risk of further domestic violence. An individual may claim good cause for waiver of a TANF program requirement at any time.

55 Pa. Code § 108.7


The CAO may waive any TANF program requirement except for the following:

NOTE: Income or resources that are inaccessible to the client will not be used to determine eligibility.

If an individual requests a waiver of one of the eligibility requirements outlined above that is not waivable by the CAO, the CAO Area Manager will contact the Bureau of Policy (BOP) for direction.

The BOP can be contacted at this e-mail address: RA-PWDFADVREVIEWS@pa.gov

BOP will determine whether to grant a waiver on a case-by-case basis. Remember a client may be granted additional time to verify these factors of eligibility if verification is not readily available or is pending from a third party. Pending items of verification should be provided no later than the six-month review although there may be cases where verification is waived entirely. See Section 108.75 for additional guidance on waiving verification.      55 Pa. Code § 108.7(c)


108.62 Standard for Evaluating/Granting Waiver Requests

A good cause waiver of a TANF program requirement will be granted by the CAO if compliance with the program requirement would:       55 Pa. Code § 108.8


NOTE: The past abuse need not necessarily have been directed at the individual. For example, an individual has a relationship with a partner who begins to display violent behavior although not yet directed at the individual. Later, the individual learns that this partner abused the last person with whom the partner was involved. The current violent behavior, in combination with past domestic violence directed at another person, could legitimately place the individual in fear that further domestic violence by the partner could be directed at the client.


NOTE: An individual can be unfairly penalized because of past domestic violence, even if the individual is not presently in danger from the abuser. For example:


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