138.2 The Family Size Allowance (FSA)

A person or family determined eligible to receive cash assistance will receive a cash payment based on the FSA. The FSA is based on the number of persons in the budget group and the county where the budget group resides.  55 Pa. Code § 175.24(b)

The amount of the monthly assistance payment is the FSA minus the countable net income of the budget group.     55 Pa. Code § 183.101(d)

If a budget group has no countable net income, the monthly assistance payment is the applicable FSA.    55 Pa. Code § 175.24(b)(2)

The monthly payment amount may never exceed the maximum FSA for the number of persons in the budget group.

See Chapter 168, Determining Eligibility and Payment Amount for information on calculating the monthly payment amount when the budget group has income to be adjusted.

A person or family is disqualified from participating in TANF if a federal or state court finds that the person committed welfare fraud in applying for or receiving benefits. See Supplemental Handbook, Chapter 910, Overpayment Recovery.

138.21 Authorizing the FSA among Multiple Budget Groups

When a common residence contains more than one budget group, the CAO will apply the following principles when authorizing the FSA:     55 Pa. Code § 175.24(b)

NOTE: The system currently treats a grant group as a budget group for non-financial, income and resource eligibility determination.

NOTE: The budget group will not receive a payment if the monthly assistance payment is less than $10. This applies to the first month of eligibility and to ongoing eligibility when the monthly payment amount prorates to less than $10. The budget group is considered an open budget for all other purposes, such as issuance of the medical card or semiannual reporting form. The CAO will data enter all information, but a payment will not be generated.

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