505.4 Authorized Representative Using EBT

The AR may use the PA EBT ACCESS card at any authorized retail food outlet to buy food for the household.   7 CFR § 274.2(f)

The EBT system tracks every transaction by the primary account number, creating an electronic record of every purchase the AR makes.   7 CFR § 274.2(f)(3)

Since the recipient may also access the EBT account, the electronic record may help to resolve disputes between the recipient and the AR.

The CAO must provide a copy of the transaction log if the recipient asks for one. The EBT system keeps an online record of transactions for the most recent 90 days. A special request to the eCIS hotline is required for older records. The logs are usually available in about two weeks.   7 CFR § 274.2(f)(2)

Reissued March 1, 2012, replacing July 13, 2004