503.4 Disclosure

Case record information must be kept confidential. See Supplemental Handbook, Chapter 930.  

 7 CFR § 272.1(c)(1)(i) and 7 CFR § 272.1((c)(1)(iii)

503.41 Agencies Allowed to See Case Records

Only people directly connected with running and enforcing SNAP may see information in case records.

Some other agencies may need to review records to see if a person is eligible for their programs. These agencies include the following:

503.42 Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies

The CAO must give a federal, state, or local law enforcement officer the address, Social Security number, and photograph (if available) of any household member if the officer has the person’s name and:  

 7 CFR § 272.1(c)(1)(vii)

A request from a law enforcement officer for information about a household member who may be fleeing to avoid prosecution or custody does not make the person ineligible for SNAP benefits, nor does it end benefits. The CAO may need to get more information and to follow up with appropriate action.

The CAO may give information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or any other law enforcement agency if the agency requests it in writing. The law enforcement agency must be investigating a SNAP household getting SNAP benefits by fraud or violating the Food Stamp Act or regulations.

The written request must include the following:

503.43 Review of Case Records

Any responsible member of the household, AR, or person acting on behalf of the household may review the case record during regular work hours. The person may authorize (in writing) anyone else to review the case record.

The CAO must not give out the name of anyone who has reported information without the household's knowledge or any information it has on criminal prosecutions that are taking place.

During regular work hours on regular workdays, anyone may review the federal and state regulations, bulletins, operations memoranda, procedures, and supplemental instructions used in the certification of SNAP households.  

 7 CFR § 272.1(d)

The CAO must not make copies of audits or investigations available.

The head of household may ask for a written copy of the EBT account transaction history. The CAO must provide a copy of the history for up to two calendar months. 

7 CFR § 274.12(f)(2)

Reissued March 1, 2012, replacing October 25, 2008