506.5 Denials

The CAO must follow these steps on the day it decides that a household is not entitled to expedited service:

  1. Tell the household that the expedited service is denied and give or send a Notice of Denial of Expedited Service (PA/FS 163),.

  2. Tell the household that it has the right to meet with a supervisor within two work days.

  3. Mail the Notice of Denial of Expedited Service (PA/FS 163) to the household when the household is interviewed by telephone. This notice does not take the place of the Notice of Ineligibility telling applicants they are not eligible for SNAP benefits.

  4. Screen the application and schedule an interview using normal application processing procedures.

  5. Add the following information to the case record:

7 CFR ยง 273.15(d)


Reissued July 3, 2014 , replacing March 1, 2012