511.9 Shelters for Battered Persons

A shelter for battered persons is a public or private nonprofit residential facility for battered persons and their children. If a facility also serves other individuals, a part of the facility must be set aside on a long-term basis to serve only battered persons.

This section applies only to residents of shelters certified by DHS. Shelters authorized by FNS to accept benefits are considered certified and do not require DHS certification.

Shelters that want to apply for certification should contact:

Pennsylvania Coalition against Domestic Violence
3605 Vartan Way, Suite 101
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110
Phone: 800-932-4632

When a shelter is certified, the CAO receives a facility certification notice (see Appendix C).

7 CFR § 271.2

7 CFR § 273.11(g)(1)

511.91 Household Status

A temporary resident of a certified shelter is considered a separate SNAP household. The resident and his or her children may receive an additional benefit only once a month as a separate household if they are still included in the abuser's SNAP household.

7 CFR § 273.11(g)(2)

7 CFR § 273.11(g)(5)

511.92 Household Eligibility

A household in a shelter is certified on the basis of its income and resources and the expenses for which it is responsible, without regard to the income resources and expenses of the former household.

Jointly owned resources are considered inaccessible if:

The CAO must consider room payments to the shelter as shelter expenses.

The CAO must process applications using either expedited or normal processing standards.

A person in a shelter has the same right to notices of adverse action, fair hearings, and entitlement to restored benefits as any other household.

When a person leaves a shelter, he or she may take any unused benefits with them.

7 CFR § 273.8(d)

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511.93 Certification Periods

The certification period for a person in a shelter is usually one month (or two if certified after the 15th of the month) because residents’ stays usually are brief.

511.94 Nondisclosure of Shelter Address

Important: Since the safety of shelter residents may be at risk the CAO must not disclose the address or location of a shelter except to administrators of SNAP or other federal assistance programs.

511.95 Certified Shelters

If authorized by FNS, a shelter may accept SNAP benefits for meals provided to the resident and use the benefits to buy food from wholesalers.

If not authorized by FNS, a shelter may be an AR and use SNAP benefits at retail stores to buy food for prepared meals served to residents.

Reissued April 6, 2016 , replacing March 1, 2012