514.2 Eligible Students

To be included in the SNAP household, a student must meet at least one of the following criteria:

 7 CFR § 273.5(b)

NOTE:  Verification is required when the unfitness is not evident to the CAO.  Verification may be either proof that the student gets a disability benefit or a statement from a physician or a licensed or certified psychologist.

 7 CFR § 273.5(b)(8)

 7 CFR § 273.5(b)(9)

 7 CFR § 273.5(b)(7)

7 CFR § 273.5(b)

NOTE:  Earnings do not have to be countable for a student to be eligible. For example, a student with excluded earnings from a temporary census job may qualify as an eligible student.

  7 CFR § 273.5(b)(10

NOTE:  An institution of higher education is any educational institution that normally requires a high school diploma or equivalency certificate for enrollment. Institutes of higher education include colleges, universities, and post–high school vocational or technical schools.   

 7 CFR § 273.5(a)

514.21 Ineligible Students

Students who are enrolled at least half-time in an institution of higher education and do not meet one of the above requirements are ineligible for SNAP.

Students who meet one of the requirements above and buy a meal plan that gives them more than half of their weekly meals are ineligible for SNAP.

514.22 Enrollment Status

A student’s enrollment begins on the first day of the school term.   

A student's enrollment ends upon graduation, suspension, expulsion, dropping out, or not intending to register for the next normal school term.   

 7 CFR § 273.5(c)

A student who was enrolled during the spring term and intends to enroll for the fall term is considered enrolled during summer vacation, even though he or she is not attending school. Summer school is not considered a normal school term.

Enrollment status continues when a student graduates and intends to enroll in a new course of study for the next normal school term. 

Example:  A student who graduates in June and intends to enroll in graduate school in the fall is considered enrolled during summer vacation.

NOTE:  An unpaid internship does not fulfill the requirements for SNAP eligibility.

Reissued March 1, 2012,  replacing October 25, 2008