523.5 Permanent Move to Another County in Pennsylvania (Intercounty Transfer)

The CAO will transfer the case record when a household reports a permanent move to another county within Pennsylvania   

The household’s certification and benefits will continue without interruption. A new application is not required in the gaining county.

The losing CAO will send a Confirming Notice.

An identical SNAP budget will be opened in the gaining county.

Exceptions: The losing CAO will not transfer cases when:

NOTE:  The CAO will resolve the issues related to the suspension before transferring the case.

NOTE:  The CAO will not transfer the case until Extended SNAP ends, a review is completed, and the household is found eligible to continue to receive SNAP benefits.

523.51 The Losing CAO

The losing CAO will take the following actions to process a SNAP intercounty transfer:

NOTE:  The CAO must inquire about shelter or utility obligations and request verification if any are questionable. If the household does not provide the requested verification, the CAO will follow the procedures in