523.1 General Policy

Temporary Absence of SNAP Household, PFS18964523 (Published July 25, 2018)

A household must live in the county where it applies for benefits and be there for a purpose other than vacation.  

7 CFR § 273.2(c)(2)(ii)

If the household contacts the wrong CAO in person or by telephone, that CAO must give the household the correct office address and telephone number and encourage the household to apply there as soon as possible.

If the CAO receives a complete application that is ready to file, the CAO will offer to send the application to the correct office that same day.

 If the household has mailed its application to the wrong office within a county, the CAO will mail the application to the correct office the day it is received.

A household is not required to:  

 7 CFR § 273.3

NOTE:  A household may use any address as long as there is no threat of mail being lost or stolen.  It can be a friend or relative’s address, a post office box, a cooperating social service agency’s office, or the CAO.

NOTE:  A homeless person may live in a supervised shelter or halfway house providing temporary accommodations, in another person’s home temporarily, or a place not normally used for sleeping (such as a bus station, stairwell, vehicle, or tent).



Updated July 25, 2018,  replacing March 1, 2012