523.6 Out-of-State Move and EBT

Recipients can use their PA EBT ACCESS card to make SNAP purchases in another state if the stores in that state participate in the Quest network. Quest is a national network that permits EBT usage across state lines. The Quest logo identifies stores that accept the PA EBT ACCESS card.

DHS's intranet lists the states that participate in the Quest network. Other states are in the process of conversion and statewide rollout. The list is updated regularly as states become fully operational.

Upon receipt of notification that a recipient has moved to another state, the CAO must check the intranet for Quest status and initiate a case-closing action.

The SNAP conversion transaction converts all remaining SNAP benefits in the EBT account to cash benefits. Recipients can then access those benefits from any ATM in the country that accepts the Pennsylvania ACCESS card. (All ATMS with a MAC logo in 49 states accept the card.)

NOTE:  Puerto Rico's Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP) is not equivalent to the SNAP Program.  SNAP EBT balances cannot be used in Puerto Rico.


Reissued March 1, 2012, replacing April 27, 2009