Appendix A: Support Pass-Through Procedures

The Support Pass-Through (SPT) system compiles monthly support collection information and issues SPT checks to appropriate cash recipients through the Client Information System (CIS).

After the initial month of cash eligibility, an SPT check, not to exceed $50, is issued by CIS based on the amount of support collected in the current support month and the percentage of that support payment that is determined to be the state’s share. The state’s share is calculated each September using a formula based on the state’s Medical Assistance matching rates.

Effective October 1, 2008, the SPT check is paid based on current support collections and increases for TANF families, up to $100 for a family with one child or up to $200 for a family with two or more children. The federal share is no longer deducted from current support to determine the SPT amount.

The system determines whether the SPT is to be treated as income or a resource for SNAP purposes. To help the CAO workers, CIS generates two alerts:

Workers will review their alerts and take appropriate action to assure the household receives the proper SNAP allotments.

Reminder:  Workers should check PACSES for child support or alimony (even if listed as voluntary on the application).

Reissued March 1, 2012, replacing September 25, 2008