568.8 Extended SNAP Benefits

Federal regulations refer to Extended SNAP as the Transitional Benefits Alternative.

A household’s eligibility for Extended SNAP is determined when the household’s TANF benefits close. If it is eligible, a household may receive up to five months of Extended SNAP, regardless of the certification period.

7 CFR 273.27

Example: A mother and two children receive TANF and SNAP benefits. The mother began a full-time job and is no longer eligible for TANF. Three months remain in the certification period. The household is entitled to Extended SNAP and will not be recertified until the end of the five months of Extended SNAP or if the household requests renewal due to a change in circumstance.

If the TANF closing is effective the first payment cycle of the month, Extended SNAP begins the same month as the TANF closing.

If the TANF closing is effective the second payment cycle of the month, Extended SNAP begins the month following the TANF closing.

A household eligible for Extended SNAP is identified by program status code 43.

A household is not eligible for Extended SNAP if :  


7 CFR 273.26

A household that fails to cooperate with an audit by the Auditor General's Office is ineligible for SNAP even if the household receives Extended SNAP.    


The household may have SNAP benefits recertified if there is a change in circumstances during the Extended SNAP period that the household believes will increase the SNAP benefit.

If a household believes that a change in its circumstances during the Extended SNAP period will increase its SNAP benefits, the household may request a renewal. When a household reports a change, the CAO must figure out whether a renewal will benefit the SNAP household. The CAO must let the household know whether a renewal will increase the SNAP benefit. At the household‘s request, the CAO must complete a renewal. The CAO must narrate the request for renewal.

27 CFR 73.28

Example: Mr. and Mrs. Benson receive Extended SNAP after they asked that the CAO close their TANF case. Mrs. Benson gives birth to twins and asks the CAO to add them to her SNAP benefits. The CAO figure outs that a renewal will help the family because the SNAP benefit will increase. The CAO gives this information to the Bensons, who request a renewal. The CAO completes the renewal and narrates that the Bensons asked for a renewal before the expiration of the Extended SNAP period.

A household receiving Extended SNAP that applies and receives a TANF noncontinuous eligibility (NCE) is not eligible for a new Extended SNAP period. The CAO must continue the current Extended SNAP period.

Example: A household receives Extended SNAP and returns to the CAO with a cash application. The household is eligible for cash NCE only. The CAO continues the household’s Extended SNAP period that was in effect before it got the NCE.

568.81 Extended SNAP Benefit Calculation

The CAO must calculate the Extended SNAP benefit amount using the income the household received in the last month of TANF eligibility minus the TANF grant.

The SNAP benefits must be equal to or greater than the amount received before TANF ended. This adjusted SNAP benefit amount remains in effect during the five-month Extended SNAP period, unless the household is recertified or found ineligible because of failure to cooperate with an audit.

7 CFR § 273.27


Revised November 9, 2020 , replacing March 31, 2015