575.1 General Policy

The CAO must assign a certification  period once it determines that a household is eligible to participate in SNAP.  A certification period is the period of time within which a household is eligible to receive benefits.  The CAO assigns the longest certification period possible based on the household's circumstances and characteristics.  See Section 575.2.  

SNAP benefits stop at the end of each certification period. The CAO continues benefits only after renewal of eligibility.   See Chapter 576, Renewal.  

7 CFR ยง 273.10(f)

  The household must receive written notice of the begin and end dates of the certification period.  See Section 575.4.   

The certification period is based on calendar months. It begins the first day of the first month of eligibility.


An eligible household that is not receiving a benefit because of proration is considered eligible in that month. The month that the benefits are prorated to $0 is the first month of the certification period.

See Appendix A for Certification/Renewal Chart.


Reissued June 10, 2015 , replacing March 1, 2012