576.1 General Policy

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Closing SNAP Benefits before the end of the Certification Period when Renewal is not Complete, PFS-21170-576 (Published November 16, 2023)

TANF and SNAP Processing during the COVID-19 Emergency, PFS-19846-576 (Published April 15, 2020)


The CAO is responsible for completing, processing, and approving or denying applications for renewal.

 7 CFR § 273.14(a)

The CAO must complete the renewal process before the end of a household's current certification period.

The household must complete the renewal process timely to receive uninterrupted benefits.

If the time frame for submitting verification extends beyond the certification period, the CAO cannot complete a renewal until the verification is received.

The CAO must provide uninterrupted benefits within five working days if verification is received after the end of the certification period but within the 30-day time frame.  

 7 CFR § 273.14(b)(4)

If the renewal process is not completed before the end of the certification period, benefits will automatically stop. The CAO must send a Confirming Notice telling the household that benefits have stopped.

  7 CFR § 273.14(b)

A household that is receiving Extended SNAP benefits is not renewed until the Extended SNAP period ends or the household believes it may receive more SNAP benefits because of changes in household circumstances.

Reissued March 1, 2012, replacing May 3, 2007