576.2 Notice of Expiration

The CAO will receive a system-generated Notice of Expiration (PA 10-SP) for each household for which certification is about to end. The system will send the PA 10-SP to the CAO before the last month of the household's certification period.  

 7 CFR § 273.14(b)(1) and 7 CFR § 273.14(b)(3)

The CAO must mail the PA 10-SP, a renewal form, and an Appointment Notice and Verification Checklist (PA 253) to the household at least one day before the last month of the certification period.

The system will not generate a PA 10-SP for households certified for only one or two months.

The SNAP renewal for a combination cash assistance/SNAP household is completed at the same time the cash assistance renewal is completed. The PA 10-SP is not required if the joint cash assistance/SNAP renewal is completed within the certification period.

  7 CFR § 273.14(b)(1)

For a household certified for only one or two months, the CAO must prepare the PA 10-SP and give it to the household, along with a renewal form, at the time of certification.

576.21 Completion of the Notice of Expiration

The PA 10-SP generated by the system or initiated by the CAO must contain the following information:   

7 CFR § 273.14(b)(1)

The CAO needs to complete only the date and time of the interview for PA 10-SPs generated by the system.

For all PA 10-SPs, the original goes to the household, and the copy stays in the case record for three years.

576.22 Notice of Expiration and Addendum: Scheduling Telephone Interviews for SSI Households

The CAO must waive the required face-to-face office interview for SSI households at renewal. It is not necessary to assess the household hardship factors listed in Section 504.43. The CAO must routinely complete telephone interview renewals for SSI households as follows:

1.  Mail to the SSI household a PA 10-SP, a Telephone Interview Instructions for SSI Recipients Reapplying for SNAP (PA 10-SP Addendum), a renewal form, and an Appointment Notice and Verification Checklist (PA 253), if needed, along with a return envelope.

2.  Receive the completed, signed renewal form and any required verifications from the household before the scheduled telephone interview, as instructed on the PA 10-SP Addendum. The CAO may need to request additional verification items during the renewal telephone interview.

3.  Telephone the SSI head of household or AR on the day and time shown on the PA 10-SP Addendum. Conduct the renewal telephone interview.

The CAO may choose to do a face-to-face office or home-visit interview for renewal for SSI households with questionable circumstances. The household may also request a face-to-face renewal interview to be completed at the CAO or the client's home. The SSI household may also choose to apply at a Social Security Administration office.  

7 CFR § 273.14(b)(3)

The PA 10-SP Addendum copy, like the PA 10-SP copy, must be kept in the case record for three years.

Reissued March 1, 2012 , replacing May 3, 2007