578.1 General Policy

PFS-20723-578 The use of Social Media to verify Applicant/Recipient Information, Issued December 27, 2021

PFS-19818-578 Guidance on Verification Requirements during the COVID-19 emergency, Issued May 22, 2020

PFS-18914-578 Change to ARRC 123 alert due date  Issued September 4, 2018

PFS-17638-578 SNAP Verification Requests and Rejections  Revised July 30, 2015


Every household is required, as a condition of eligibility, to prove certain information about its circumstances.

Sources of verification include the following:

See Chapter 578, Appendix A for a list of generally available verification sources.

7 CFR ยง 273.2(f)(4)

Updated September 5, 2018, replacing March 1, 2012