578.8 Automated Sources

The following automated systems of information and verification are available:

7 CFR § 273.2(f)(7)  

7 CFR § 272.8  

The CAO will use automated sources of information on a need-to-know basis without household consent. However, the worker will:

 7 CFR § 273.2(f)(9)


578.81 IEVS

Complete information and instructions for use of IEVS are found on the intranet under "DHS Procedural Manual," using IEVS.

The IEVS data exchange may be used only to obtain information on applicants, recipients, and ineligible members whose income and resources are considered to determine household eligibility. (See Chapter 570, Appendix A)   

7 CFR § 272.8(a)(1)

IEVS uses the applicant's or recipient's SSN to obtain income and resource information from the following sources:

 7 CFR § 272.8(b)(1)(i)

 7 CFR § 272.8(a)(1)(ii)

7 CFR § 272.8(a)(1)(iii)

 7 CFR § 272.8(a)(1)(ii)

Data exchange information is requested for each source by Central Office at regularly scheduled intervals.   An individual, including any ineligible household member, will be included in the match request if his or her SSN appears in an active budget at the time of the request.   

7 CFR § 272.8(a)(2)

NOTE:  The SSN of an ineligible member is also included if that member is listed in the eCIS data base with an eligibility status code of DF, DS, or NM when deeming is required.

In addition to the scheduled exchanges, the CAO will initiate a request by completing an online "Information Request" transaction at the following times:

The CAO will review all information available from data exchanges at the time of application, the SAR review, and renewal and compare it to case record information. The CAO must act on "new" information identified by the system within 45 days of the posting of the information to IEVS.  

7 CFR § 272.8(g)

Information provided by OES-UC, SSA BENDEX-MBR, SDX, and the buy-in file is considered "verified upon receipt" and will be used without further verification unless it conflicts with information provided by the household. (See Section 570.421.)

NOTE:  The IRS unearned income is not considered "verified upon receipt," but it must be used without further verification unless it conflicts with information provided by the household.

Information from OES-WAGE, SSA, BENDEX-ERF, the buy-in file, DOH, SSA-DMF, PARIS, and CJIS are not considered verified upon receipt and requires further verification.

If IEVS information was not reported or conflicts with statements made by the household at application, SAR review, or renewal, the CAO will:

NOTE:  For combination cases, SNAP benefits are not closed if the client fails to respond to the PA 162 VR for other programs.

If IEVS information is received outside of application, the SAR review, or renewal, the CAO will:

Reissued July 5, 2022,  replacing March 1, 2012