580.5 Replacements

The electronic issuance of benefits through EBT helps make sure that recipients receive their benefits on the scheduled payment date. If an EBT card is lost or stolen, the recipient can protect his or her EBT benefits by calling the Conduent customer service number at 1-888-328-7366 and canceling the cards. The recipient may get benefits remaining in the account after getting a replacement EBT card from Conduent Customer Service or his or her CAO.     

7 CFR § 274.12(g)(5)(iv)

The following are the only situation in which the CAO may issue replacement benefits to the household:

There are no other times when replacement SNAP benefits may be issued.     

7 CFR § 274.12(g)(5)(v) and 7 CFR § 274.6(a)


580.51 Replacement of Returned Benefits

OPS-22-07-04 Changes to Benefit Expungement Timeframes for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Cash Assistance Benefits, Issued July 19, 2022


There is no deadline or expiration date for EBT SNAP benefits. Benefits may accumulate in the recipient’s EBT account as long as the recipient keeps the account active by making at least one debit transaction every 274 days (9 months). If there is no debit activity for 274 days, the EBT account becomes inactive and the household's benefits are expunged and cannot be reissued. The system will issue a 452 option 3 notice to the SNAP household after 8 months of inactivity informing the client that if their card is not used at least once in the next 30 days the benefits will be expunged from that card.

At nine months, the budget will be put in a suspended status.  The household can contact the CAO to request the budget be returned to an active status, but expunged benefits cannot be reissued.  If there is no contact from the client, the budget will remain in a suspended status until the next Semi-Annual Review (SAR) or renewal.  If there is no response to the SAR or renewal, the budget can be closed.

  Example: A household’s certification period is December 1, 2020, through November 30, 2021. The household does not use their SNAP benefits. The system sends the 452/3 in August 2021. The household continues to not use their SNAP benefits and their EBT card becomes inactive and benefits are expunged in September 2021. The client contacts 3 days after benefits are expunged and requests replacement. Benefits cannot be replaced.

NOTE: Heat and Eat benefits cannot be reissued when they are expunged.

7 CFR § 274.2(h)(2)


580.52 Replacement of Food Destroyed in a Disaster  

  PFS-15802-580 Replacement SNAP Benefits for Food Lost in a Household Misfortune, Revised June 25, 2015

The CAO may replace food destroyed in a household misfortune or disaster if all of the following conditions are met:     

7 CFR § 274.6(a)

7 CFR § 274.6(6)(ii)

7 CFR § 274.6(a)(6)   

7 CFR § 274.6(a)(3) and 7 CFR § 274.6(a)(4)

NOTE:  The replacement amount is limited to a maximum of one month’s benefit, unless the issuance includes restored benefits which can also be replaced up to their full value.

Reminder:  There is no limit to the number of replacements for food lost because of a household misfortune or disaster. The CAO must use reason code 168 for replacement of food destroyed in a household misfortune or disaster.   

7 CFR § 274.6(a)(3)(ii)

NOTE:  A presidential or federal disaster declaration is not required to replace food lost in a household misfortune or disaster.  

7 CFR § 274.6(a)(3)


580.53 ACCESS Card Replacement Fee Deducted in Error

Recipients may request a replacement for a lost, stolen, or damaged EBT ACCESS card. When the new card is issued, the EBT system deducts a card-replacement fee of $2.50 from the recipient’s cash account or, if there is no cash balance, from the recipient’s SNAP account. The CAO may waive the fee.     

7 CFR § 274.12(g)(5)(v)

If the fee is deducted in error, the CAO may authorize a replacement using reason code 183. CIS limits this authorization to no more than $10.00.



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