On 10/19/2022, the Direct Care Staff Training and Competency Test previously located at services.dpw.state.pa.us/pch_comptest was disabled in order to facilitate the launch of an updated and improved version of the course on a different platform, managed by Temple University Harrisburg.

The Bureau of Human Services Licensing (BHSL) has received a large number of inquiries related to this change. It has become apparent that a significant number of other entities—including home health agencies, non-medical home care agencies, and other training and staffing agencies, both within and outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania—have been using this content for staff training purposes.

The Direct Care Staff Training and Competency Test was designed and is intended solely for use by staff in licensed Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Residences to meet the regulatory requirements in 55.PA Code Chapter 2600 and 55. PA Code Chapter 2800. The course and test were not designed to meet the regulatory requirements for any other training program for organizations engaged in the provision of direct care.

Due to the modernization of this content, significant resources have been allocated for maintenance and technical support. BHSL does not have the resources to continue supporting the use of this content by organizations outside the scope of the agency.

Organizations that have used this content in the past are encouraged to review the specific regulatory requirements for the services they provide and explore alternative means to meet the needs of the staff in their employ. Additional assistance may be available by contacting your regulatory agency or the provider associations that serve your industry.