571.1 General Policy

SNAP Homeless Household SAR code, PFS-20291-571 (Revised February 25, 2021; Published January 14, 2021)

FS 43 and FS 75 SARS, PFS-20207-571 (Published November 10, 2020)

Signature on SAR LIN, PFS-18905-571 (Published May 2, 2018)

As a condition of eligibility, households enrolled in semiannual reporting (SAR) must fill out and return a SAR form (PA 564) by the end of the appropriate annual or semiannual reporting period.

The SAR form (PA 564) is printed with data from the Client Information System (CIS). See Chapter 571, Appendix A.

The CAO must use the information from the SAR form to determine a household's eligibility and benefit amount for the next semiannual period.  

 7 CFR § 273.12(a)(5)

The SAR form is available in Spanish. The CAO will enter the appropriate code in CIS:  

 7 CFR § 273.12(b)(2)



SAR forms must be kept in the case record for three years from the month they were mailed.

571.11 Enrollment in Semiannual Reporting

The CAO must enroll all SNAP households in SAR, except those receiving PA CAP (FS70), FS 75 or Extended SNAP  (FS43) (extended benefits -see 570.1).

  55 Pa Code § 501.10(a) and 7 CFR § 273.12(a)(5)

NOTE:  Households with all adult members that are elderly and/or disabled are enrolled in SAR.

NOTE: FS 75 households do not have a SAR requirement and are considered change reporting.

NOTE:  Households certified for 24 months will report in the 12th month of the certification period.

Although an Extended SNAP household has no reporting requirement during the Extended SNAP period, the household may request the CAO to complete a renewal if circumstances change that could increase its SNAP benefit.


If the household is eligible for TANF and/or increased SNAP benefits, the CAO must:

Example:  Ms L is working and receives Extended SNAP.  She reports that her niece and nephew recently moved in with her for an indefinite period.  The CAO completes a renewal, recertifies the household and opens regular SNAP, enrolls the household in SAR and informs Ms L of SAR reporting requirements.




Updated February 16, 2023,  replacing January 31, 2023