511.4 Residents of Institutions

An institution is a facility that makes and serves at least half of residents’ meals (more than 50 percent of three meals daily) as part of its service. For example, boarding schools, general hospitals and skilled nursing facilities are types of institutions.

Example: Ms. H applies for SNAP for herself and two children who are enrolled in and live at the Milton Hershey School during the school year.  Since the majority of the children’s meals are provided by the school, Ms. H is ineligible for SNAP for the children.  The children may be eligible for SNAP during the summer months as long as Ms. H provides more than 50 percent of their meals at home.

An individual who lives in an institution is not eligible for SNAP unless he or she:

If a facility does not qualify as an institution, residents may apply for SNAP on the same basis as any other household. 

7 CFR § 273.1(b)(7)(vi)

Individuals on house arrest may be eligible for SNAP benefits as long as they meet eligibility requirements and are permitted to perform essential activities for daily living as a condition of their arrest.  Although confined to their home, individuals may be permitted to leave for essential preapproved activities such as work, medical appointments, and grocery shopping.

Reissued October 6, 2022, replacing April 6, 2016